The Story of how Lee became one of the most influential and successful

 freestyle riders of all time.

Lee was first introduced to the sport in 1995 at the tender age of 4 years old when Lee's family purchased a Jet Ski for a family weekend hobbie.

2 years later Dave (Lee's Father) decide to buy a 550 stand up Jet Ski for Lee at the age of 6, He then rode every weekend with out fail for the next years to come. At the age of 10 after paying more of an interest to the world of freestyle Jet Skiing they then replaced the 550 for a 701 Super Jet and started to play around with freestyle. 1 year later and Lee entered his 1st competition on his 11th birthday at the British Championship which followed on to Winning the British Junior Championships. A year moved on and Lee and his family decided it was time to head further afield and tackle the European Championships, This lead to Lee finishing 2nd Overall in the European Champions

During the following season whilst performing a display in France, Lee was noticed by former World Champion Alessander Lenzi and was approached to head over to Brazil and train with Lenzi in preparation for the Amateur World Championships later that year, After several months training in Brazil Lee headed to the United States of America to compete. This competition would see Lee taking the crown to become 2005 Amateur World Champion. The youngest person in history to win the Amateur World Title.

With 1 World Title under his belt Lee never lost sight of dreaming to one day become the best freestyler in the world and take the Pro World Title.

The following day would see Lee bumped up to the pro class where whilst still competing on a amateur based ski managed a respectable 5th place in the Professional World Championships. This once again fuelled Lees fire even more to chase his dream.

A few years passed and Lee teamed up with Eric Malone at EME (Former World Champion) to work very closely together to potentially create a winning partnership. Year 2010 finally came and Lee was non either than possessed to fur fill his life long dream.  Lee knew in order to do this he would have to think outside the box and create something that no-one had previously achieved and boy did he do that! Lee took to the world championship and pulled off the WORLDS FIRST Flat Water Superman Backflip. Not only did Lee land this worlds first but in doing so achieved his dream to become the 2010 Professional WORLD CHAMPION.

Once again the youngest person in history to win the Pro World Title

A few months later would see Lee sign a 2 year contract to move to Australia and perform daily shows at Sea World on the Gold Coast. Another big change in Lee's life but Lee was ready to tackle this new adventure.

2011 season Lee continued to dominate all across the world and with the World Championships fast approaching everything was looking good. Once arriving at the World Championships due to complications it would see Lee and EME part ways and leave Lee unable to compete at the event.

A complete devastation for Lee and his team watching his title slip away.

After the devastating circumstances at the World Champioships Lee promised himself he would never find him self in that position again. With a little under 12 months under his belt in Australia Lee was able to save enough money to rent a very small work premises. Lee knew in order to take his career to the next level there was only one option. The Revolver. With the keys in his hand Lee started to get to work. Little under 1 year later the Revolver hull was born, Lees very own designed Jetski.

With the Revolver hull fresh out the moulds and the 2012 World Championships right around the corner Lee had his work cut out if he wanted to not only debut his latest creation but chase down another World Title. Still working out of a small rented unit Lee single handedly assembled the Revolver into a competition ready ski.  With 12 months of R&D into creating the Revolver Lee sunk hundreds of hours into testing, modifying and development bur this left very little time for training. The ski was now built and ready for a few weeks of serious training before the ski was shipped off to the USA. The World Championship arrived and once again Lee showed the World why he is one of the greatest of all times and pulled off the WORLDS FIRST Scarecrow Barrel Roll. Unfortunately that being said this wasn't enough to take the title. With a respectable 2nd place it was a great achievement to create his own product from scratch and take a 2nd place finish against main manufacturers, However Lee wasn't satisfied.

Returning home from debuting the Revolver sales went threw the roof, with orders being placed from all over the world it became apparent very quickly the Revolver was going to be a hit. Lee spent the next few months juggling his time between manufacturing the Revolver hulls and performing daily shows at Sea World. It didn't take long to realise something had to change, it was mere impossible to keep up with the work load. Having taken a dream job for pretty much any Jetski enthusiast in the world Lee was left with a tough decision. The decision was made and Lee stepped away from the shows at Sea World and took everything he had built and shipped it back home to the UK.

This saw Lee start again from scratch setting up a new workshop and finding new suppliers to continue to grow the Revolver brand. During this time the 2013 World Championships was once again fast approaching. Leading up to the championships during an event in France Lee took a bad hit and dislocated his knee..He was transported straight back to the UK to find out that it was worse than they thought and it would require surgery. With only a few months until the world championship Lee refused to let it stop him. After a gruelling few weeks in the US Lee managed to take 2nd place at the World Championship. Once again Lee was not satisfied...

Straight after the competition Lee flew home and landed back in the UK, Unable to continue anymore without major surgery Lee went directly from the airport the hospital for surgery. With the next several months of down time head this was a perfect opportunity to focus on the business and improve production. 6 months later and lee was back on his feet and ready to attack once again. With the new workshop running smoothly, good health and several months to mentally prepare there were no distractions for Lee to come in hard for the 2014 World Championships. Being well known for his outside the box thinking of creating new tricks this year would be no different and everything was going to plan until the unthinkable happened again... Lee took another hard hit training on new tricks and dislocated his shoulder. Devastated to say the least Lee once agin refused to take the surgery until he had competed at the Word Championships. Continuing to train and his shoulder progressively getting worse it saw Lee with another 11 dislocations of his shoulder leading to the championships. Lee continued to push and made it to the US and was more determined than ever to make all the pain and hard work worth it and boy did he do that!!

Pulling off the WORLDS FIRST flat water HEEL CLICKER backflip, the WORLDS FIRST flat water INDIAN AIR BACKFLIP and the WORLDS FIRST flat water double CAN CAN backflip! Needless to say Lee did it, Creating his own products, battling major injuries and innovation new tricks Lee was the 2014 WORLD CHAMPION.

Returning home from the US it was once again time for Lee to hit the hospital and have another surgery. With a long road of down time and recovery ahead Lee had big plans. With revolver hull sales now hitting triple figures it was time to hit the R&D department and start cooking up the next generation of Revolver. Several months down the road saw the latest and greatest RevolverR ready to hit production for the 2015 season. The 2015 season could quiet possible be the biggest challenge of his career, With major surgery recovery and developing a brand new hull Lee had his work cut out if he stood a chance of winning the World title for the 4th time..

September came around and Lee set off for the US once again. Competition weekend came around and Lee took top spot in every heat over the event and was once again WORLD CHAMPION..2 back to back World Titles and winning on the debut of his latest creation was a huge accomplishment. 

Returning home from a highly successful event the new RevolverR once again proved to be an extremely popular event. A few months later would see LSP requiring even bigger work premises and more staff to continue with the growing list of orders being shipped all around the world.

With a few gruelling months of setting up the new work premesis everything was back to normal and running smoother than ever. As you guest it the 2016 World Championships was fast approaching. The skis were shipped off and Lee went back to the US. With another perfect run of event wins over the weekend Lee had done it again..2016 WORLD CHAMPION giving him his 5 World Title and Triple BACK TO BACK World Championship.

With the perfect event behind him Lee was straight back to business continuing to invest and develop LSP. Unbeknown to anyone other than is close family and friends over that last few years Lee had been chasing down the idea of a flat water DOUBLE BACKFLIP something that the majority of the world thought would never be possible on a Jetski. Over the space of a few years in between injuries Lee had also broken several bones in pursuing his dream to pull off this trick. Lee never let his injuries known to any one other than his group in order to keep his plans for this trick a secret...

Guess what.. It was time for the 2017 World Championships and lee once again shook the world and proved the impossible is possible and pulled of the WORLDS FIRST FLAT WATER DOUBLE BACKFLIP!

The weekend was looking great with winning the first 2 heats of the weekend and 1 more heat to go, That 6th world title was in reach!

3rd and final heat was upon us and Lee pulled off another perfect Double backflip for the 3rd time that weekend. 15 seconds later his ski stopped, with the whole world anxiously waiting for it to re start to the devastation of Lee and his team it just wouldn't re start and that 6th World title was gone.

The end of 2017 season was a devastating blow for Lee and his team, however everyone knew this would only fuel Lee's fire even more.

2018 season was upon us and Lee was once again working hard on creating innovating ideas that would secure him the 2018 World Title. Mid season Lee again took a bad hit in training working on a new trick, Immediately it would become obvious that he would require another surgery to his shoulder. Lee refused to let this hold him back and let his dream of another World Title go and continued to train.

It was time for the 2018 World Championships and pushing hard as ever Lee took several hits to his shoulder and dislocated it multiple times just days before the competition. Lee and his team were questioning if it would even be possible to make it threw the competition but as always he refused to stop. Competition time, multiple rolls of strapping tape later Lee took to the water and opened his routine with the WORLDS FIRST DOUBLE BARREL in competition and in turn securing his 6th WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP! It was the perfect end to a very excruciating few days! Lee then flew home to take the much needed surgery and is currently in recovery preparing for the 2019 season. Its going to be a long road getting back fit and strong in order to fight for a 7th World Title but you can bet your bottom dollar one way or another Lee will make it happen!

It’s been a rough few days but I’m back
Less than 24 hours to go until I have my

Starting from a small idea living alone, thousands of miles from his family and a renting a workshop smaller than most peoples bedrooms Lee turned what could only have been thought of as a dream into reality. LSP are now recognised as one of the worlds largest aftermarket freestyle Jetski manufacturers. With numerous employees and a business premises over 2 stories housing a Carbon Laminating room, Welding room, Machine room, Spray room, Dyno Engine Tuning room, Assembling room, sanding room and much more.

Lee is currently working on new ideas to continue to develop the brand and working tirelessly to continue to push the boundaries of freestyle and regain that World Championship.