ATP TS2 (Twin Spark) Ignition
Why use Twin Spark? During the intake cycle fuel is delivered via the carbs and intake manifold into the cylinder, it is then forced up the transfer ports and compressed into the combustion chamber by the piston. As the primary spark is discharged the compressed fuel and air explodes turning it into a hot vaporous gas. The flame front, due to the rolling turbulence created by the head- moves away from the point of ignition to the face of the piston and to the outer cylinder walls. As the piston nears the top of the compression stroke any remaining unburned vaporous gas is circulated over the spark plug, and a fuel roll stall occurs. At this point a second spark is discharged obtaining a secondary burn of the fuel that in a single spark ignition system would be trapped in the upper portions of the head and during the expansion portion of the power stroke would be unburned and then be cycled out during the exhaust cycle as emissions.On the ATP Flame this second spark can be adjusted to suit individual engines, during dyno testing we found that firing the second spark 7 degrees after the primary spark gave the best results on our particular engine.This allows for the ability to add more fuel without fouling the spark plugs and achieve higher torque/horsepower.

  • 2013-Updated & re-designed the electronics to allow for our desired changes, the spark energy had been further increased which in conjunction with the main Twin Spark feature makes it an extremely useful and powerful tool. 
  • ATP Ignitions are built from the ground up specifically for Jet Skis. The twin spark is not to be confused with multiple spark ignition, different technologies.
  • The ATP Flame TS2 has the ability to program the second spark in degrees of crank rotation so for example the ignition could fire at say 20°with the second spark set to fire 7° after.The second spark is completely adjustable up to 10° What this gives you is a more complete burn and more power.
  • The TS2 can be run entirely in combined spark mode which doubles the available spark energy or twin spark up to an adjustable rpm and combined afterwards. The best setting we found during dyno testing was twin spark up to 6000 rpm with the second spark firing 7° later then combined spark after 6000rpm. This setting gave the engine incredibly clean acceleration and richening the high speed adjusters by as much as 1 1/2 turn each from the original optimum caused no significant drop off in RPM and showed no signs of "four stroking", proving the ability of the T/S unit to burn fuel more effectively.
  • It continues to be optimised for use with the OEM HT Coil
  • The ECU allows two curves (curve A & curve B) to run entirely separate timings and rev limits. These two curves can be switched between whilst riding with the flick of a switch on your handle bars.
  • Yamaha SJ 96+ - 62t based cases


  • Billet aluminium ECU, installs into the OEM electric box
  • Program directly from your laptop to your ECU
  • Run 2 independant curves side by side
  • ECU has a built in “Sleep Mode” the unit will turn off when no engine movement has been detected. Turns on again upon a signal from engine movement within2 seconds. Therefore does not require any external switching on or off. No need to worry about drain on the battery, the “Sleep Mode” only consumes les than 1 milliamp.
  • Ignition stops on the stop button, no run on
  • Uses waterproof connectors
  • Uses existing OEM wiring harness and connectors alleviating any installer error problems i.e. bad connections and keeping everything as waterproof as possible
  • No external signs of a Total Loss fitted


Kit Includes:

  • Pre programmed (if required) ECU (Brain box) in a sealed Billet aluminium case. All connectors are tinned brass as this is the best for marine use. The case is black anodised and laser engraved 
  • Lightweight black anodised flywheel ( 718 grams)
  • Stator plate and pick up
  • Fitting instructions
  • Programming lead & software pack are included, all units are pre programmed prior to shipping.


Please note: Although we have tried to make the installation as simple as possible it is advised that if you are unsure/don’t feel able to do this then please contact us for advice on your nearest fitting centre (if you are too far to come direct to ATP).

We strongly recommend the use of OEM Yamaha or OEM Kawasaki HT coil, not a aftermarket or recon coil. The ATP Twin Spark uses the same program lead as our other ignitions but requires its own new version of the software. Please contact for more information or download link. Do not use older software with this model.

ATP TS2 Flame Ignition

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