Ordering your new Revolver has never been easier.

Its as simple as 1-2-3

First: choose your material  - Carbon Fibre or Fibre Glass

Carbon Fibre

Fibre Glass

Second: Choose your base colour:

 Black, White or Visual Carbon Fibre

Third: Choose your graphics colours:

 Any colour you desire

When creating the Revolver hull, We wanted to design something unique, not only in looks, but also in its performance.

At first glance you will see the striking lines and angles on the hull. You will notice the minimalistic bond rails to create a unique design to the hull. The underside of the bond rail is designed with a 45 degree angle to help release friction when leaving the water and also adds stability. You will notice the very rear of the bond rail incorporates a kick at the rear. This will help the rider when performing backflips by making the back end release from the water much easier.

The rear end of the ski also features a 45 degree kick on the chimes to help backflip motions. Not only is it angled 45 degrees vertically for flips, it is angled 45 degree horizontally to make barrel rolling motions effortless and much faster.

The pump mounting location of the hull has been widened to allow for easier access to fit cables and water hoses.

The bottom deck was completely re designed. This is much wider overall than most other hulls to increase stability and also to increase the surface area on water increasing “POP” when landing from trick to trick.

The main bottom deck chines have been made much shallower to decrease the friction in the water which again optimises trick to trick combos.

The Pump intake area has been specifically designed and tested for maximum flow and increased water volume allowing for maximum hook up.

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The Rocker on the nose is unique to any other and could possibly be the greatest asset of the Revolver. Rather than an aggressive Rocker, the Revolver stands with a much longer but smoother transition to allow for the nose to rotate faster allowing the rider to alter the whole characteristics of the hull by simply moving their weight backwards and forward.

The pump has also been set forward in the hull rather than set back, leaving the overall steering nozzle length closer to the back of the hull creating more responsive and faster steering on the ski

The fire wall in the tray has be angled at 45 degrees to allow the option of adding a foot hole to the front to assist extra riding stance therefore opening the door for new tricks.

With the tray fire wall being angled at 45 degrees, it gives greater working room inside the hull. I have utilised this extra space to incorporate a fire wall ‘shelf’, great for mounting electrics, batteries and even fuel tanks to therefore keeping everything neat and tidy and leaving a clean working engine bay.

By moving their weight slowly forward the ski will change its axis point to the Rocker allowing for the ski to slide and spin on tricks incredibly fast. Shift weight to the back and the ski will hold to the water thus gaining friction.

The tray area has been designed so that each hull can be fitted with a range of 140mm to160mm Pumps. This design allows the stance position on the hull to be dropped deeper into the tray, lowering the rider’s centre of gravity. By having their stance position lower than the main tray area, it allows the rider’s feet to have maximum grip.

An extremely important factor of this hull when designing was to not have a hull that was uncomfortable to ride and ride nose high. The hull has been designed with the rider in mind and creates a stable natural riding stance:

The foot hole system has been designed to be mounted closer to the front of the tray. Together with the handle pole mounting point being moved closer to the centre of the hull, creates a much tighter centre of rotation. Imagine trying to spin a pencil? By holding it in the centre, it will spin much faster than holding it at each end and trying to make it spin. Using this theory and making the axis point nearer to the centre of the hull, reduces the rider’s fight against gravity. 

The engine has also been raised inside the hull, to avoid this being a “dead weight” in the bottom. Combined with the above theory, this brings the rotational mass to the centre, creating a smoother and faster rotation.

The hood system has not only been designed to be extremely sleek but also incorporates a ‘Skin’ which allows the hood to be used as secondary air intake therefore not relying on the air intake of the handle pole. Another important factor of the hood for freestyle is keeping water out. 

The Revolver’s hood has been made bullet proof from water ingress. If only the Titanic had the Revolver’s technology! The design gives the rider not just one seal but the option of using up to 3 hood seals. It really is the ultimate freestyle hood!

Each hull is supplied with a Pump Guard. A unique and custom design which incorporates a one piece housing and ride plate for a seek look and very user friendly for installing. It simply bolts on with 4 ride plate bolts. No screws, nuts, bolts or glue, but can be taken on and off exactly the same as a normal ride plate.

The Pump Guard assists in many ways. As pumps protrude on new freestyle hulls, it does leave them vulnerable to breaking the flow of water. Engaging the trim system leaves a gap between the reduction nozzle and trim ring on the underside for water to enter. With standard ride plates not covering the reduction nozzle, water flows across the nozzle and is forced through the gap causing cavitation. The Pump Guard eliminates this!

Riders may have experienced a severe “bog” on sharp left hand turns, as a consequence of water coming from between the reduction and steering nozzles and spraying inside the exhaust. The Pump Guard eliminates this! Not only does this unique one piece design offer the aforementioned benefits, it also offers more protection to your pump.

All the features have been through an extensive test procedure which leaves my clients with what I believe is the ULTIMATE freestyle ski on the market today.

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